Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Was it a premonition?

This is the BIG week!!!!  Friday we will finally find out the gender of our little bundle of joy.  And with the growing anticipation I thought I would share a dream I recently had.

I have been having some crazy dreams lately!!  I mean really bizarre!  All over the place weird!  But the other night I had a dream that we were in the hospital and I was in labor and then all of a sudden, out pops a baby girl.  She was a big baby too.  It felt really real.  I remember holding her and her crying and still being all gooey.  It was one of those life like dreams, the kind where you wake up and it takes you a few minutes to realize that it was just a dream.

So.....the big question remains, was it a premonition or just a dream?

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