Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A successful weekend and a lazy Monday

I missed posting yesterday because I was extremely busy being lazy with Madison since she had the day off.  We spent the majority of the day watching episode after episode of Bones.  Seriously.....Netflix is the best thing ever!  I keep telling my husband that we need to ditch the cable, but with football on the tube, I don't think that will ever happen.  Anywho....Madison did decide that she wanted to go over to the next door neighbor's for awhile to play, so that gave me a little time to get a few work things done.  Overall, a very successful lazy Monday.

This weekend was another story!  Saturday was jammed packed with cleaning and ditching.  The garage is a million-billion times better, but still not complete.  We still need to purchase shelving and install it; right now everything is stacked on the ground.  We successfully made one trip to the dump, two trips to Goodwill and dropped off 2 lawn mowers that have broken down on us in the past couple years to a guy who restores them. (Why we kept 2 lawn mowers that didn't work until now is beyond me....but they are gone and I am happy!)  While Casey and Madison were busy running all over God's green earth to ditch the old,  unneeded items, I was scrubbing away at the house.  I gave the stove a good scrub down, cleaned the refrigerator out in preparations of our new one, took all of the Christmas decorations down and packed them up, swept all the floors and did a couple loads of laundry and made a much needed run to the grocery store (where I saved $60 by cutting coupons...that's a whole other story).  Needless to say...I drug myself to bed early that night.  All-in-all, a very successful work weekend.  :)

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