Thursday, January 20, 2011

17 weeks

How many weeks?:   17 weeks 
When is your next ultrasound?:  Next Friday! 
Are you excited?: Ahh...YEAH!  We get to find out what the sex of the little one is!

Worst thing about being pregnant:  My lack of concentration, as of late.  My mind is always wondering off to some other task or thought.

Best thing about being pregnant:  Eating all day long.  :)

Has anything grossed you out?: YES!  I was cleaning out the refrigerator, in preparation of our new one, and I tossed my cookies....twice!  There wasn't anything particularly gross, just wiping everything down and getting rid of leftovers.

Has anything funny happened?: Madison makes me chuckle.  She's always in a corner talking to Peyton (our dog) about how "they" want a sister and not a brother.

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