Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

things that made the weekend great
  • Easter weekend, of course!
  • poker night & splitting the pot with Isaac
  • going out to eat with the in-laws
  • the adult Easter egg hunt with cash and lottery tickets
  • the hubby driving all the way home while I slept

things that made the weekend not so great
  •  the rain
  • allergies
  • having to drive Madison all over God's green earth
  • only finding candy in the Easter egg hunt
  • Peyton rolling in multiple fresh cow patties...grrrrr
  • forgetting to take any pictures

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, my bones!

My left leg has been bothering me for about a month and a half and it's been getting worse, so my doctor recommended some physical therapy.  I figured, what the heck, it's not going to make it any worse than it is now.  I will admit, I was a skeptic going in though.

So yesterday was the first appointment.  I told the therapist that it was my pelvic bone that hurt.  But when I walked or stood for long periods of time, there would also be a sharp shooting pain down my leg.  Oh, and I made sure to tell her that when I slept and rolled over in the middle of the night, I would be howling from the pain.  After many more questions on her end and some prodding on her end, she told me the problem.  The left side (in the front) of my pelvic bone had shifted higher than my right.  Apparently, this is common.

She then had me do some exercises.  It was a complete joke!  Seriously, I think a three year old would have laughed at these.  I had no idea how these simple exercises were going to help.  She also put a Velcro "belt" around my hips.  It was very snug and again, felt like a joke.  I was suppose to wear it when I did any walking or standing.

Fast forward to this morning and WOW!  Maybe what she did, did actually help?!?  I remember rolling over last night and I felt no pain.  I woke up this morning and again, no pain!  Holy cow....all of those simple exercises and the velcro belt really did do the trick.  Who would have thought!?

Regardless, I am grateful!  And the best part, the therapist doesn't think I'll need to go to the office very much.  I can do all do all of the exercises at home!  Cha-ching!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A weekend to remember

things that made the weekend great
  • baby shower!!!!
  • family game night
  • building and planting my garden (finally)
  • my father-in-law getting lots done for us around the house
  • Sunday's weather

things that made the weekend not so great
  •  driving 6 hours in 2 days
  • Madden Football (I have a serious hate for this game)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I was just browsing Pandora's website the other day and realized, I haven't added any beads in awhile.  Theses three instantly jumped out at me!!  I'll wait until after Mother's day before I make any purchases in case my guy is reading this.  ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Spring Break Recap

What a week Madison and I had last week!  It was beyond perfect.  It was exactly what I needed....a week to force myself to slow down, take a deep breathe, and enjoy myself.  There's something about going back to Indiana for a full week on my own time- no holidays, no parties-that makes me feel refreshed!  And it's exactly what I need, especially with the next few months being already completely packed with places to go, people to see and things to get done!

The beginning of the week, well technically it was still the weekend, but it was the beginning of our spring break, Madison spent some time at her dad's and then her Mamaw Hawkins.  This gave me some time to myself and time to catch up with friends, as well as some work I had to complete.  The weekend was pretty much summed up here so I'll recap with Monday.

Monday it poured and poured!  Not the best day outside, but that didn't alter my plans!  I woke up fairly early (I'm an early riser) and got some work done.  I then proceeded to get ready for a much anticipated shopping trip with a very dear friend, Hannah.  We went to Indianapolis and went to H&M where they had a baby section!  I scored some very cute and uber cheap (as all of H&M is) stash.  We walked around the mall for a few hours and then ate at PF Changs; a favorite of mine!  We then went to the Greenwood area and did a little more shopping.  Needless to say, I was exhausted after wards and my legs were aching like I was a little old lady!  When I got back to the in-laws (where I was staying for a few days) we all had some super yummy chicken and watched the NCAA Men's Baketball game.  We had to cheer on Butler!!  I made it to half time and then dozed off on the couch and then eventually forced myself to bed.

Tuesday was a full day of work.  Nothing spectacular about this day, except for the Italian Beef sandwiches we had for dinner.

Wednesday I was awake for maybe 30 minutes when I got a phone call from Madison.  She was ready to see her momma.  Enough said, I was on my way to pick her up!  I did have some more work to finish up, so she entertained herself with a little morning cartoons.  We then got ready, packed up the van and headed to Mom Polley's.  As soon as we got there, Madison was ready to go for a walk down to Sulpher Springs and look for geodes.  So off we went.  This was both Madison and I's first experience down there.  We walked through the cow pasture where Madison repeated asked if the bull was out.  I honestly had no idea, but I told her no.  Once we got down to the creek, I showed Madison what kind of rocks to look for.  Madison instantly found a large geode that she wanted to keep.  I told her that if she wanted to keep that one, she had to carry it.  And so she did.  We eventually found a great area for me to sit for awhile and she could walk around and find as many geodes as we could carry.  She had a blast!  We very quickly had a very large pile of geodes.  We went through them and picked out which ones we wanted to take back with us and which ones we would leave behind.  Between the two of us, we were bogged down.  Back to the house we went.....but not without out a few minute rest stop up the steep hill!  On the way back, the cows were out.  It was so pretty!  I was kicking myself for not bringing my phone to take a picture.  The calves were playing, the grass was green and the sky was a beautiful blue!  A perfect spring day on our spring break.  Madison however had a problem with the cows.  For whatever reason she didn't like that they were so close to us and apparently a few of the cows had staring problems and she thought it was extremely rude.  I had to laugh out loud at a few of her comments.  Silly city girl!!

Back at the house, we of course had to crack open the geodes first thing!  We cracked all of them except for the really big ones.  That night we had some really good chicken and artichoke hearts, salad, roasted potatoes and bread.  We also had a dinner guest, cousin Hillary!!

Thursday, Madison and I woke up to homemade waffles!  Is there any better was to start out the day?  No, I don't think so!  Kim came and picked all of us up and away we went to Bloomington.  Mom Polley had to get a treatment done first thing.  While we were there Madison picked up the local paper can started to read an article.  It was so funny, I had to snap a picture.

We stopped by a favorite store of Kim's and then away we went for some lunch.  We went to Sweetgrass, a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a very long time.  The tomato soup I had was outstanding!  The salad was just okay.  I completely blame myself on choosing the salad over the burger!  I was trying to be healthy....lesson learned.  We went to Angel B's, right next door, afterwards to take a look at they pastries.  Madison and I couldn't resist; she got a cupcake and I got a mini turtle cake.  Madison cupcake topper, which was all icing, was just amazing!  I was impressed with Angel B's!

We then stopped by a book store where Madison was treated to a few books for her growing "library" at home.  She received The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: How Gregg Heffley Went Hollywood, Junie B Jones Diary and The Candymakers.  After that it was back to the Polley farm.  I wasn't feeling the best, actually I was in a lot of pain.  Too much in the past few days.  Madison marched my little butt up stairs and tucked me into bed and ordered me to take a nap.  She also gave me her blankey that makes her feel better and a glass of water.  (Such a sweet child!)  Her and Kim went on a 4-wheeler ride back down to Sulpher Springs, but they went all the way back and gathered some more geodes.  After my much needed nap, we had another feast of spaghetti, salad and bread.  Oh soo good.  Kim and Hillary joined us for dinner that night too!

Friday, we had a lazy morning but then began packing for a road trip down to my dad's.  Before we left we had to stop by Uncle Dave's so he could crack open the big geodes.  He got out his big sledge hammer, but with the first swing the handle broke!  Ooops!  Madison giggled at that.  He found another hammer and cracked open the geodes with ease!  Madison was pumped!

As soon as we got to my dad's she ran out to the barns to try to find him.  I on the other hand started to unpack what I could out of the van.  Dad had to finish planting a field so Madison and I made him some lunch, packed it up for him and then took it out to him.

I went back to the house to clean the mess I made.  Madison wanted to stay out in the barn with cousin Mat and Dean, their hired hand for many years.  When I finished I went out there she was just hanging out with the guys and playing with Hershey, my dad's dog.  Dad was finished with the field shortly after I got out there.  Madison watched the guys load the planter back up and then it was some one-on-one time with Papaw Farmer!  She was so excited to see him, she couldn't sit still!  She immediately asked if she could shoot the gun.  This was something we tried to introduce to her last time we were on the farm and she had no interest AT ALL!  Dad looked at me and asked if I said something.  I didn't, it was all her!  So, we pulled out the BB gun and and empty cardboard box and made a target.  Madison immediately made it into a game between the three of us.  We quickly ran out of bullets and discovered there were none left in the house.  So we made a trip into town to get some more.  While they did that, I grabbed some groceries since my dad is a bachelor and NEVER has food in the house.  We met at the check out, but with a new BB gun in tow and a huge smile on Madison's face!

We had a great evening of teaching Madison about gun safety and how to hold a gun and how to aim.  She didn't do too bad!  While Madison and dad were continuing the lessons, I headed to get some Bobe's Pizza.  When I got back they were packing everything in for the night.  We all ate pizza and watched a NASCAR race......it was a country night through and through!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another great weekend!

things that made the weekend great
  • getting to spend time with my dad (happy dance)
  • spending an entire day with my 90 year old grandma
  • getting lots of genealogy done
  • Madison receiving her very first gun and her being excited to learn about it
  • eating some yummy pizza at Cabello's
  • showing Madison where my grandma grew up
  • getting to see my hubby after a very long 9 days
  • ordering my glider rocker for the nursery
  • seeing that the hubster put the baby's crib together all by himself

things that made the weekend not so great
  •  driving home...that's it

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ahhh!!!  How cute is this little ruffly butt!!  I want it and this one, and this one, and this one!  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My weekend rocked!

things that made the weekend great
  • going to the Indy Winter Farmer's Market with some good friends
  • purchasing some spectacular bread from Rene's Bakery (that I can't stay out of)
  • eating the most amazing mozzarella cheese from TradersPoint Creamery... de-lish!
  • Butler winning their game again VCU
  • antique shopping with my mother-in-law
  • a super quiet Sunday morning ALL to myself - no husband, no dog, no child
  • the gorgeous weather we had on Sunday 
  • getting to eat my two favorite things I can only get in Indiana; Bobe's Pizza and Rice's award winning chilli cheese hotdogs

things that made the weekend not so great
  •  missing my husband already
  • charlie horses
  • the realization that I will have a full week without my nightly back rubs from my hubby

Friday, April 1, 2011

I want these little ballet flats in adults sizes!  These are too cute for words!  I'm thinking that little Miss Hanlon will need a few pairs of these adorable couture shoes by Baby Souls!