Friday, January 28, 2011

This is an Ugly Doll.  I find them absolutely adorable.  I first saw these while I was at the Indianapolis Children's Museum for Madison birthday last year.  Each character has a name and a story line that goes with it.  This one is Wippy.  Here's Wippy's story...
Dude, like seriously for real, Wippy is looking out for you. Every time you see Wippy you might as well shout out “Good lookin’ out!”, because he probably did something remarkable for you without you even being aware of it! In fact, most the time... you’ll swear Wippy’s done absolutely nothing for you. That’s how stealth his awesome forces of assistance is. For real though! Remember that time you were all depressed and wondering when things were going to turn around? I know, huh. Anyway, Wippy’s got you.

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