Monday, January 10, 2011

Monumental Birthdays

This past weekend made it our third weekend in a row that we made the 3 hour journey to Indiana.  While no one was excited about the journey itself, the reasoning why made it well worth it!  Saturday was packed with milestone birthday parties; my wonderful Grandma turned 90 and my mom turned 50.


My grandma is such a wonderful and very special person to me!  She holds her family very near to her heart - always worried about the grandkids who aren't married yet and wondering when more great grandchildren will come; I'm currently carrying her 12th great grandchild.  She's a very proper person who practices her old fashion manners and ways that she grew up with.  I love her because of all of these qualities and more!

There are so many memories that I cherish of her; from my childhood visits to the farm when she would make a snack for my grandpa and I - white bread with some canned peaches and the syrup from the can on top, visiting my grandma for a weekend and becoming a woman and spending hours at a time with her, scanning old photographs, labeling them and going through our family tree with stories of people I never had the chance to meet.

Her 90th birthday is special for all the reasons above and so many more.  Her birthday festivities were held at my Aunt Therea and Uncle Earl's house.  We had our beloved Bobe's pizza to eat and cake balls made by my cousin Krissy.  My Aunt Theresa gave a very thought gift to my Grandmother.  She asked a fellow church member and friend to come and play his guitar and sing some songs.  He did an amazing job by mixing up some old gospel songs with some country classics and a few Christmas tunes.  My Grandmother doesn't make it to church much anymore, so these familiar tunes made her so very happy, which in turn made us all happy.  Overall, it was a great day!

Our music guest

The fam, singing along

Charlie was chilling on my lap

Singing Jingle Bells, Batman Smells...hahaha

Aunt Theresa doing a special Christmas story with the kiddos

Madison, Grandma and I

Madison, Grandma, Dad and I, four generations


Anyone who knows my mom knows that she likes to make a big deal out of people's "big" birthday's.  Everyone except her own that is!  :)  The party consisted of my brother and I and our significant others and Madison and a few of my step-dad's family members.  Mom had prepared a Mexican meal for the evening with chips and salsa, make-your-own quesadillas and enchiladas.  She had also, true to form, planned a night of activities.  We had an Uno station, Taboo and Train (a card game I didn't make it to).  After awhile of games we stopped to watch the last quarter of the Seahawks vs. Saints' game.  Unfortunately, baby Hanlon decided to cause me misery and after the game we had to leave.  We arrived at Casey's parent house, only for me to pass out at the beginning of the Colt's game.  I think two birthday parties in one day for me nowadays is just too much excitement!

Overall the weekend was a great one...celebrating two very special lady's milestone birthdays!

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