Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Organized.. Part 2

This weekend we will, finally, get to stay home in our comfy abode!  But, there's lots to get done.  I've constantly been trying to think of ways to make our limited square footage go further.  Once the little one gets here, what little space we have, it will very quickly disappear!  I don't think my husband fully understands this, but I am still trying to paint a picture for him.  Here's the list of items on the to-do list (as of right now):

This weekend
  1. Get rid of unnecessary items in the garage.
  2. Start organizing the garage and make room for the refrigerator.
  3. (Maybe) make a trip to the landfill to drop items off.
  4. Take down Christmas decorations.  Yes, they are still up.

Future Projects
  1. Purchase new shelving units for our bedroom closet, which only contains my clothes.
  2. Which means, I need to go through my current clothes and put them in storage totes or get rid of them.  *Sad face*
  3. Install new shelves.
  4. Move Casey's clothes, which are currently in the office/ nursery room, into the bedroom closet.
  5. Buy shelves for the garage.
  6. Install shelves.
  7. Move the old refrigerator to the garage and have new refrigerator delivered  (YEAH!!!!!!!)
  8. Figure out a way to maximize space in the office/ nursery room closet
  9. Figure out what I'm going to do with the laundry room (this one scares me....I have no idea where to start!)

And this is just getting started.  I haven't even thought about buying and putting together the many baby items we need!  I need a nap just thinking about all the stuff we need to do!

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  1. I find using wall shelving helps alot to keep floor space clear. My goal on Saturday is too get the garage cleaned out and organized again. I need to finish with putting up the Christmas decorations too. Plus tons of other stuff I have a hard time getting myself motivated to do. Good luck with your projects!

    visiting from SITS