Monday, January 31, 2011

The verdict is...

Friday was the big day for us!  And after waiting at the doctor's office for an hour, we finally made it into the ultrasound room.  The ultrasound technician is Ahhhh-mazing! She's an older lady that makes you feel very comfortable and cracks jokes the whole time and really knows what she's doing.  After awhile of moving around and making sure the baby was healthy, she gave us the verdict.  It's a........

Friday, January 28, 2011

This is an Ugly Doll.  I find them absolutely adorable.  I first saw these while I was at the Indianapolis Children's Museum for Madison birthday last year.  Each character has a name and a story line that goes with it.  This one is Wippy.  Here's Wippy's story...
Dude, like seriously for real, Wippy is looking out for you. Every time you see Wippy you might as well shout out “Good lookin’ out!”, because he probably did something remarkable for you without you even being aware of it! In fact, most the time... you’ll swear Wippy’s done absolutely nothing for you. That’s how stealth his awesome forces of assistance is. For real though! Remember that time you were all depressed and wondering when things were going to turn around? I know, huh. Anyway, Wippy’s got you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

18 weeks

How many weeks?:   18 weeks 
What types of emotions are you feeling right now?:  Excited, Impatient, Antsy (ultra sound is tomorrow) *happy dance. 
Have you felt the baby move yet?: Yep.  It's becoming more of a regular thing.  But the movements aren't strong enough for my husband to feel yet.

Have you thought about names?:  Yes.  If it's a boy, it'll be Robert Samuel after my husband's two grandpas.  But we'll call him Sam.  If it's a girl, it was going to be Lily Rae, but I'm really not loving the name anymore.  I've been throwing out ideas, but my husband hasn't agreed on any.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh, Kate Spade, how I love you!  And now that you have added the cutest baby bag line, I love you even more!  It's too bad that you are slightly out of my price range.  I guess for now I will dream and drool over the cuteness of the Marivaux Stevie, Splodge Dot Randi, and the Barrow Street Anabel bags.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Was it a premonition?

This is the BIG week!!!!  Friday we will finally find out the gender of our little bundle of joy.  And with the growing anticipation I thought I would share a dream I recently had.

I have been having some crazy dreams lately!!  I mean really bizarre!  All over the place weird!  But the other night I had a dream that we were in the hospital and I was in labor and then all of a sudden, out pops a baby girl.  She was a big baby too.  It felt really real.  I remember holding her and her crying and still being all gooey.  It was one of those life like dreams, the kind where you wake up and it takes you a few minutes to realize that it was just a dream.

So.....the big question remains, was it a premonition or just a dream?

Monday, January 24, 2011


Madison has never shown an interest in sports until last year when I signed her up softball without asking whether she was interested or not.  That experience has opened a huge can of worms.  Since then she's been wanting to do volleyball and basketball.  I love that she wants to participate in these team sports.  Looking back at my childhood, these exact memories that she's creating were some of my favorites.

Saturday started our basketball weekend off.  We had a huge Girl Scout's day at the new Kentucky YUM Center, home of the Louisville Cardinals.  This day included some of the girls from our troop plus about 1,000 other Girl Scouts in the area.

The girls enjoyed a personal meet and greet with all of the women athletes at U of L.  This included autographs, making signs for the game, photographs, making hair ties and asking whatever questions they had for these women.  It was a very well planned and awesome experience.

The girls also got to experience a woman's basketball game - that they won.

The next day was Madison's first basketball practice of the year.  She met her coach, received her jersey and got to show off her moves - which were limited.  :)   She actually did a lot better than I expected but there's always room for growth.  This coming Thursday will be her basketball game debut!  She's pretty excited about it.  She's already informed me that we need to go to the local sports facility so she can practice everyday.  We may have a future superstar on our hands.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay, I found more absolutely adorable hats on Etsy!  These are by Sweet Pea Toad Tots. These are seriously too cute for words.  I'm thinking maybe a Halloween costume for next year?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

17 weeks

How many weeks?:   17 weeks 
When is your next ultrasound?:  Next Friday! 
Are you excited?: Ahh...YEAH!  We get to find out what the sex of the little one is!

Worst thing about being pregnant:  My lack of concentration, as of late.  My mind is always wondering off to some other task or thought.

Best thing about being pregnant:  Eating all day long.  :)

Has anything grossed you out?: YES!  I was cleaning out the refrigerator, in preparation of our new one, and I tossed my cookies....twice!  There wasn't anything particularly gross, just wiping everything down and getting rid of leftovers.

Has anything funny happened?: Madison makes me chuckle.  She's always in a corner talking to Peyton (our dog) about how "they" want a sister and not a brother.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is a trailer for Boo Davis' new book, Dare to be Square.  She's a modern quilter based out of Seattle, Washington.  I just love how she takes this traditional hobby and throws in a ton of rock and roll into it! 

Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo Davis from Quiltsr├┐che on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A successful weekend and a lazy Monday

I missed posting yesterday because I was extremely busy being lazy with Madison since she had the day off.  We spent the majority of the day watching episode after episode of Bones.  Seriously.....Netflix is the best thing ever!  I keep telling my husband that we need to ditch the cable, but with football on the tube, I don't think that will ever happen.  Anywho....Madison did decide that she wanted to go over to the next door neighbor's for awhile to play, so that gave me a little time to get a few work things done.  Overall, a very successful lazy Monday.

This weekend was another story!  Saturday was jammed packed with cleaning and ditching.  The garage is a million-billion times better, but still not complete.  We still need to purchase shelving and install it; right now everything is stacked on the ground.  We successfully made one trip to the dump, two trips to Goodwill and dropped off 2 lawn mowers that have broken down on us in the past couple years to a guy who restores them. (Why we kept 2 lawn mowers that didn't work until now is beyond me....but they are gone and I am happy!)  While Casey and Madison were busy running all over God's green earth to ditch the old,  unneeded items, I was scrubbing away at the house.  I gave the stove a good scrub down, cleaned the refrigerator out in preparations of our new one, took all of the Christmas decorations down and packed them up, swept all the floors and did a couple loads of laundry and made a much needed run to the grocery store (where I saved $60 by cutting coupons...that's a whole other story).  Needless to say...I drug myself to bed early that night.  All-in-all, a very successful work weekend.  :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I absolutely love the House of Harlow 1960 line that's by Nicole Richie.  House of Harlow 1960 was first developed as just a jewelry line, but Nicole has branched out into shoes and sunglasses. I've seen some of the new items and I must say, they will probably make it to Eye Candy for Momma soon!

This ring first caught my eye when the line was first released.  It's 14k gold plated and I love the little stud details on the horseshoe and the chain links on the side.  This ring is easily an everyday wear to bring good luck!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine's Freebie

So, I've decided this year instead of buying the cheap looking Valentine's cards at the big chain retail stores, I'm going to make them myself.  And then I thought to myself, why not share the love?  It is almost Valentine's day (exactly one month away).  So that's what I'm going to do.  Each Friday, from here until the Friday before Valentine's Day, I'm going to offer free Valentine's day card downloads for you!

You can pick and choose what ones you want to use...totally up to you!  The only thing I ask in return is that you tell someone else about these awesome cards and if you decide to post this on your blog, please credit me and link back to me!  Thanks bunches!

So without further adieu, here's the first series.

Candy Hearts
How to download:  Click on the Freebies tab at the top and follow the directions there.
Sugarfresh is an in-house print and design company.  The designer is based out of Utah and a WAHM too!  I really like the clean but playful look of this pieces.  There were several others that I liked as well, but these are probably my top 3. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

16 weeks

How many weeks?:   16 weeks
How much weight gained:  I really have no idea.

Is this your first pregnancy?:  Nope, proud momma of an 8 year old girl.

Latest food craving:  I've been wanting Biscuits and gravy for awhile now.

Worst thing about being pregnant:  I miss my big glass of red wine, a hot bubble bath and Norah Jones.  Without the wine, the rest isn't the same!

Best thing about being pregnant:  Watching my belly grow

Happy or mostly moody: I don't feel like I'm moody, though my husband may disagree.  I just don't have a filter anymore, if something bothers me, I express it.

Last time you cried over something ridiculous was:  Last Tuesday.  I watched the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  It was a complete sob fest for one.

You pee an estimated __ times a day?:  I have no idea.  Average I would say.  But I am waking up in the middle of the night at least once...not too happy about that.

Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?:  Oh my goodness.  Every night it's a weird one.  They're all a tie!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Organized.. Part 2

This weekend we will, finally, get to stay home in our comfy abode!  But, there's lots to get done.  I've constantly been trying to think of ways to make our limited square footage go further.  Once the little one gets here, what little space we have, it will very quickly disappear!  I don't think my husband fully understands this, but I am still trying to paint a picture for him.  Here's the list of items on the to-do list (as of right now):

This weekend
  1. Get rid of unnecessary items in the garage.
  2. Start organizing the garage and make room for the refrigerator.
  3. (Maybe) make a trip to the landfill to drop items off.
  4. Take down Christmas decorations.  Yes, they are still up.

Future Projects
  1. Purchase new shelving units for our bedroom closet, which only contains my clothes.
  2. Which means, I need to go through my current clothes and put them in storage totes or get rid of them.  *Sad face*
  3. Install new shelves.
  4. Move Casey's clothes, which are currently in the office/ nursery room, into the bedroom closet.
  5. Buy shelves for the garage.
  6. Install shelves.
  7. Move the old refrigerator to the garage and have new refrigerator delivered  (YEAH!!!!!!!)
  8. Figure out a way to maximize space in the office/ nursery room closet
  9. Figure out what I'm going to do with the laundry room (this one scares me....I have no idea where to start!)

And this is just getting started.  I haven't even thought about buying and putting together the many baby items we need!  I need a nap just thinking about all the stuff we need to do!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Organized

Well, we still have several months to go, but we've already been accumulating some clothes.  So, I went to the store and bought some totes and started the organization process.

The totes are organized.

0-3 month tote

 3-6 month tote

6-9 month tote (notice the cute Christmas sweater)  :)

labels made and placed on their appropriate tote

with the help of big sister Madison, of course

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monumental Birthdays

This past weekend made it our third weekend in a row that we made the 3 hour journey to Indiana.  While no one was excited about the journey itself, the reasoning why made it well worth it!  Saturday was packed with milestone birthday parties; my wonderful Grandma turned 90 and my mom turned 50.


My grandma is such a wonderful and very special person to me!  She holds her family very near to her heart - always worried about the grandkids who aren't married yet and wondering when more great grandchildren will come; I'm currently carrying her 12th great grandchild.  She's a very proper person who practices her old fashion manners and ways that she grew up with.  I love her because of all of these qualities and more!

There are so many memories that I cherish of her; from my childhood visits to the farm when she would make a snack for my grandpa and I - white bread with some canned peaches and the syrup from the can on top, visiting my grandma for a weekend and becoming a woman and spending hours at a time with her, scanning old photographs, labeling them and going through our family tree with stories of people I never had the chance to meet.

Her 90th birthday is special for all the reasons above and so many more.  Her birthday festivities were held at my Aunt Therea and Uncle Earl's house.  We had our beloved Bobe's pizza to eat and cake balls made by my cousin Krissy.  My Aunt Theresa gave a very thought gift to my Grandmother.  She asked a fellow church member and friend to come and play his guitar and sing some songs.  He did an amazing job by mixing up some old gospel songs with some country classics and a few Christmas tunes.  My Grandmother doesn't make it to church much anymore, so these familiar tunes made her so very happy, which in turn made us all happy.  Overall, it was a great day!

Our music guest

The fam, singing along

Charlie was chilling on my lap

Singing Jingle Bells, Batman Smells...hahaha

Aunt Theresa doing a special Christmas story with the kiddos

Madison, Grandma and I

Madison, Grandma, Dad and I, four generations


Anyone who knows my mom knows that she likes to make a big deal out of people's "big" birthday's.  Everyone except her own that is!  :)  The party consisted of my brother and I and our significant others and Madison and a few of my step-dad's family members.  Mom had prepared a Mexican meal for the evening with chips and salsa, make-your-own quesadillas and enchiladas.  She had also, true to form, planned a night of activities.  We had an Uno station, Taboo and Train (a card game I didn't make it to).  After awhile of games we stopped to watch the last quarter of the Seahawks vs. Saints' game.  Unfortunately, baby Hanlon decided to cause me misery and after the game we had to leave.  We arrived at Casey's parent house, only for me to pass out at the beginning of the Colt's game.  I think two birthday parties in one day for me nowadays is just too much excitement!

Overall the weekend was a great one...celebrating two very special lady's milestone birthdays!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Believe it or not, this is a diaper bag!  I think I'm in love.  I found it at this super cute online boutique store, Belly Elan.  I'm thinking that I'm going to have to go with a chic diaper bag like this one.  I'm keeping my eyes out!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a freaking mouse trap!

So this is something no one ever wants to admit, but at some point or another happens to everyone.  We have a mouse in the house.  Ugh!

When I was growing up, we lived in the sticks, the middle of nowhere.  And when you live in the woods, there's all kinds of critters that lurk around.  And like clock work as soon as the temperature dropped, we would get a mouse in the house.  Every year.  So having a mouse in the house, while is super gross, doesn't shock me anymore.

So to deal with our unwanted house guest, I went to the store and bought some mouse traps.  I got the old school kind, the ones with the spring that you have to set.  (I didn't want to pay for the fancy $7 mouse trap.)  When I got home I asked Casey to set them because I always get my fingers in the way and.....SPLAT!  They get smashed.  Now this is the part that surprised, irked and dumbfounded me.  He told me he had never set a trap before and he didn't know how.  WHAT?!?!?!?  Seriously????  It's one thing if you've never set a trap before...okay, I can get over that.  But the fact that you don't know how to set one?  It's not rocket science, I didn't ask you to build a computer from scratch or to rebuild an engine; it's a freaking mouse trap.

Needless to say, I had to set the trap myself and guess what happened? Yep, I smashed my thumb.  I thought for sure it was going to be bruised....thankfully it didn't.  It just hurt really bad.  When I woke up the next morning, the mouse was taken care least he threw the varmint away for me, that was very nice of him.  Thanks babe!

Friday, January 7, 2011

This is soooo going on the wants and needs list! They have a boy version too, so I'll be covered both ways!  I saw this on Etsy and it's by Amy K.  This is seriously adorable (as is the little girl in the picture).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh my Gosh!!!!

Okay, quick little post here......but a HUGE milestone!  As you can read in the post before we ate some Mexican last night.  It really hit the spot for me.  Well, that night when Casey and I went to bed, we were laying there chating a bit when I stopped mid sentence.  He asked, What?"  I responded with, "I just felt the baby move for the first time." was so thrilling.  I forgot how truly magical it is to feel the baby move inside.  I'm 15 weeks now, the baby is only about 4 inches long and about the weight of an apple.  So the movement wasn't much, but it was AWESOME!

Here's my final conclusion: I'm guessing that the little one likes Mexican food.  Good thing, cause it's our family favorite!  Welcome to the family kiddo!


Well, every Mama likes to brag on their children and this Mama is no different!  As soon as Madison walked in the front door from school, she showed me her goal-met, much improved MAP score!  So proud of her!  :)  So, to celebrate, she got to pick the restaurant to eat at that night.  Her first choice, Hooters of course.  Crazy girl loves their wings!  Well, I did have to shoot her down on that one since it's a school night and a little too far away.  So she went with Mexican....a family favorite.  Needless to say, we all over-indulged a little but were all satisfied.

Oh, yes!!  If I had an extra $300 laying around that didn't need to go to the baby, I would totally rock this!  I love maxi dresses and I'm so glad they are back in style!  This one is from the spring collection by Winter Kate, another one of Nicole Richie's designs.