Monday, January 24, 2011


Madison has never shown an interest in sports until last year when I signed her up softball without asking whether she was interested or not.  That experience has opened a huge can of worms.  Since then she's been wanting to do volleyball and basketball.  I love that she wants to participate in these team sports.  Looking back at my childhood, these exact memories that she's creating were some of my favorites.

Saturday started our basketball weekend off.  We had a huge Girl Scout's day at the new Kentucky YUM Center, home of the Louisville Cardinals.  This day included some of the girls from our troop plus about 1,000 other Girl Scouts in the area.

The girls enjoyed a personal meet and greet with all of the women athletes at U of L.  This included autographs, making signs for the game, photographs, making hair ties and asking whatever questions they had for these women.  It was a very well planned and awesome experience.

The girls also got to experience a woman's basketball game - that they won.

The next day was Madison's first basketball practice of the year.  She met her coach, received her jersey and got to show off her moves - which were limited.  :)   She actually did a lot better than I expected but there's always room for growth.  This coming Thursday will be her basketball game debut!  She's pretty excited about it.  She's already informed me that we need to go to the local sports facility so she can practice everyday.  We may have a future superstar on our hands.

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