Friday, February 18, 2011

Nursery Closet Home Improvements

Well, we have finally moved all of Casey's items out of the closet and into mine.  As well as all of the other misc. items that were stashed in there.  Here's what the closet currently looks like...

The blue wall color will be changed eventually, I still haven't figured out what color scheme I'm going to go with....there's just too many cute options out there!

This is what the inside of the closet looks like.  It's a single bar for clothes some boards on top for storage and some boards on the three side of the interior with nails in these that stick out.  I've never figured out the reason for them.  This closet isn't huge, but it's actually big enough to walk there will be some rearranging coming soon.  

This is a corner shot of the interior of the closet.  Everything will soon be striped out!

This is a picture of the hideous light fixture that is in all of the closets of the house.  I want to change this very badly.  I'm sure I won't be able to convince the hubby of doing this so I'll go with plan B; do it myself (which I've never done any electric work so it may turn into an adventure) or Plan C; wait until my dad comes down and have him do it for me.

My goal (fingers crossed) this weekend is to get the closet finished.....well at least painted.  We will probably install the shelving another weekend.  I'm going to paint the interior of the closet a gray color.  Here's some samples I have up...

The lighting of this picture was a bear to get and doesn't really give a good idea of what the colors really look like.  But I'm leaning towards the top left and top right colors.  They are both very soft grays so they won't make the closet seem smaller than what it really is.

I've already got a small head start.  I took the closet bar down and all the boards, but I believe that I'm going to have a lot more work ahead of me than I anticipated.

 Here's the boards and the bar that I took down as well as my trusty hammer.

As you can see, there is an obvious color difference from where the boards were and the current wall color.  There's also a bump from where someone repainted and the paint was thick by the edges of the boards....lots of sanding coming my way.  (I've already started a little, this project is really going to suck!)

Here's a close up of where the boards are. As you can see, LOTS of little nail holes to fill in!

And who can forget a few large gashes in the wall.  Not a clue how they got there, but regardless, they need to be filled in.

We do have some other things that need to get done this weekend along with running Madison around to her many activities, so we'll see how much we really get done.  :)

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