Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Could she be a "Modern" Miss Manny??

We are big fans of ABC's Modern Family in our household!  And anyone who is a fan of this show knows of the charming character, Manny.  Well, it was brought to our attention recently that our daughter could very well turn out to be a female version of the looks and build department anyway.

Consider this, growing up, my husband was, well....let's just call him husky.  He was always "bigger" than other kids his age; height wise and width.  And his head was always (and still is) slightly larger than normal.  Thus.....

And then if you take my skin tone and dark features, you would get the latina-like "look" with my hubby's build.  Oh dear, this really is a possibility of how our daughter could look.  If this is the case, I may have to invest in some coffee for the little one so she can follow in Manny's footsteps.

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