Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 weeks

How many weeks?:   20 weeks....holy cow, I'm half way there! 
How are your clothes fitting now-a-days?:  Tightly!  I've already had to up the bra size and I'm not very happy about it; my husband on the other hand is.  I've had to pack up 3/4 of my wardrobe and still the clothes I do have are becoming less and less wearable. The belly bands that I got for Christmas are coming in handy, but I'm afraid that I may have to retire them soon.  Look our maternity pants...I'm coming your way!
How is your energy?: So much better!  I can actually stay up till 9pm now.  Not a huge accomplishment, but it's still an accomplishment.  I like to try to get as much sleep as humanly possibly cause as soon as the little one gets here, it's all over!

Have you started on the nursery?: Yes and no.  We successfully added some clothing racks to my closet and we've moved the majority of Casey's clothes into it.  The nursery closet is now 1/2 empty...we're working in baby steps.  I went looking at baby items the other day and WOW, everything is so expensive!  I forgot just HOW much everything was!  But I am going to a giant consignment sale here in a couple weeks and I'm hoping to score some items there...fingers crossed!

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