Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, technically it was yesterday.  It's been a long couple weeks here in the household with the count down to Madison's 9th Birthday.  To say she was excited would be an understatement.  On top of the birthday count down was the bike purchase that we promised her. 

The morning started out with Casey wishing our dearest a Happy Birthday.  Following immediately was the entrance to my bedroom where Madison woke me up.  The alarm hadn't even gone off, but she had to inform me that Casey was the first person to tell her Happy Birthday.  I'm not sure if that was just an observation on her part, or to let me know that I wasn't fast enough.  Regardless, she crawled into bed and we chatted for a few minutes before the alarm went off.  She then jumped up and proceeded to put the outfit on that she picked out the night before - this NEVER happens - along with taking extra time to get ready AND putting some jewelry on.  As she got ready she reminded me, for the 50th time, not to forget to bring a cookie cake to school for her classmates.

I met Madison for our ritual lunch birthday date along with some good 'ole McDonald's.  No school lunch for my birthday girl!  We even got to eat in the Eagle's Nest (an area where the kids can eat if they've been extra good that week or if they have a visitor eating with them.)  We discussed what she had done in the day so far, whispered some secrets and enjoyed our lunch.  After that the class met in her classroom to get their coats and we went outside to eat some cookie cake.

Before the kids ate their cake, they got in a circle and sang Happy Birthday to Madison, cha cha cha and all!  They engulfed their cookie and scattered onto the playground....recess time!

As soon as Madison came home the count downs continued.  This time it was a count down until Casey came home.  The question of, "What time is it now?" continued every 15 minutes....boy was I happy when Casey got home!  Casey could barely change his clothes before Madison was dragging him out of the house to pick out her bike!  She informed us that she knew exactly which one she wanted, so it wouldn't take very long.   When we got to the store, the bike she had picked out was too small and we had to convince her that she needed a larger size.  So the statement that it wouldn't take very long, took a little longer than anticipated.  In the end, Madison became a very proud owner of a mountain bike...look out off roads!

To finish the night off, we went to our favorite local restaurant, Festa Mexicana and indulged our grumbling tummies!  All in all, a very good birthday!

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