Thursday, March 17, 2011

25 weeks

How many weeks?:   25 weeks 
Is there anything that you want to do but can't right now?: Yes!  Whiten my teeth!  How crazy is that...I can't even whiten my teeth while I'm pregos.  Wear heels.  All of my heels have been put into retirement for awhile now.  I feel too off-balanced in them right now. Eat Sushi!  Oh how I miss my raw fish rolls!!!
Go ahead, vent about all your bodily pains?: Okay, while my husband was visiting a friend in Indy last weekend (I oked it). I painted the entire nursery room and closet, cleaned out all of the front flower beds out side and rearranged the living room furniture to accommodate my "office space"........ALL BY MYSELF.  (Well, Madison helped me move the furniture).  Needless to say, I over did it; completely my fault, and now I'm suffering from it!  My legs are so sore and my back is in all kinds of knots!  Thank goodness my hubby is so generous with the back rubs each night!!

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