Thursday, March 10, 2011

24 weeks

How many weeks?:   24 weeks 
What are some pregnancy pains that you've experienced?: Charley Horses!!  OMG!!  I've never really had Charley Horses before, but oh, they have been killing me lately!  The only time I get them is in the middle of the night.  I will wake up and have the urge to stretch my legs, but as soon as I do....cramps!!!  They are so painful that I have to fully wake myself out and rub them.  The thing I don't understand is that I've been on a huge banana kick lately...shouldn't the potassium prevent this?  Time to call the ole' doctor and ask her!
What are some pregnancy joys that you've experienced?: Casey finally felt the baby move the other night.  It was exciting for me to see him excited!  It was just another boring night at the household, but the baby was all sorts of wiggly.  So I grabbed his hand and placed it where she was laying and then she kicked his hand...hard!  I think it scared him a little 'cause he jumped.  LOL  But ever since then, it's been nothing but hands on the belly at night (that's when she's the most active).

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