Thursday, May 5, 2011

32 weeks

How many weeks?:   32 weeks (8 more to go!)                        

The third trimester....what have you been experiencing?: Well since it's been 6 weeks since I've done one of could say a lot!  Most recently I've been experiencing some acid reflux...let me tell you, it's not much fun!  At first I thought it was something I ate, but after multiple days of it and a little research I've discovered that it's my uterus pushing my stomach up and not giving much room for anything....and thus the acid goes up.  Also I had a night of excruciating gas pains!  I laid down for awhile, that didn't help, then I got up and walked around and that made it worse.  I seriously thought I was going into labor, but the pain was so strong and came out of nowhere that I thought surely I wasn't in labor...labor is gradual.  The pain finally subsided, but with the some unfortunate gas releases that my husband had to sit though.  TMI?!?  Maybe....but this is one of those "ugly" moments of pregnancy. I've also been noticing some Braxton Hicks lately and my energy has plummeted!

What preparations have you made for the arrival of Miss Layla?: Right now I'm trying to get everything washed, but we are quickly running out of room.  The closet is packed with clothes and the changing table (which has 2 drawers in it) is also packed.  AND I still have 3 tubs of clothes in the garage that need to be washed and about 3 gift bags full of items from my baby shower that need to be washed. One thing is for sure...this little girl is going to have more outfits than she can wear!  Every time I wash another load, Casey just shakes his head.  Hahaha!  He has no idea!

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