Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So this is love....

Oh, how I love this picture!  It really sums up our life right now.  Let me dissect it for you...

...a messy table that hasn't been cleaned off yet due to lack of time.
...a glass of orange juice, part of Madison's after school snack.
...a coke can, my attempt at getting a little extra energy to run to the next activity.
...Casey's Nicorette, his solution to a long day with a huge client.
...the day's mail needing to be sorted through.
...the laundry door open, probably doing a load of never ending laundry.
...Madison already in her "sports" clothes.
...and finally, Madison reading for her nightly homework to Layla.

Through all the chaos of our daily lives, Madison ALWAYS reads out loud to her sister.  And Layla ALWAYS pays attention to Madison when she does.  It's an amazing ritual bond that they have.  


1 comment:

  1. this photo just brought tears to my eyes!!! how precious they must be together!! i miss my girl..