Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Festival with the Fam

Saturday, the entire fam went to FoxHollow Farm and attended their 4th Annual Festival.  We had so much fun!  As soon as we got there we made a few food purchases; local cookie gelato and some iced coffee from Heine Bothers Coffee, also local.  The weather was a gorgeous 78 degrees out, sun shining and a small breeze blowing!  I couldn't have asked for anything better.

The first activity we did was silk tie-dying.  Madison and I both made one.  It had been years since I had done any tie-dying so we had a short little tutorial from a volunteer and then the rubber band tieing began!

And then Madison dyed both of our silk scarves.

TADAAA!!!  They turned out awesome!  I kinda wanted to do some more, but Madison was ready to move onto the next activity.

The next activity that Madison did was painting on a wall that was available to the kids to paint on.  It was super awesome.  It was a series of 8 panels attached around a large oak tree.  The kids were allowed to pick out 3 different colors and paint whatever they wanted.  Madison ended up painting a simple smiley face and a heart.  I added "All you need is love".  I found it very appropriate for the day.  I think I may frame the picture.....kinds summed everything up.

Oh, look who woke up!

And.....she's out again!

And 20 minutes later....we're awake.  I mean, seriously, can this kid look any more like her dad?  Closing her eyes in pictures and all!  And look how white this white girl is!  I may need to pull a crazy mom move like the moms on Toddlers and Tiaras and give her a spray tan....or NOT!  My baby is perfect just the way she is!

Before we left, we got a couple pictures of the girls together by the pumpkins.  We didn't end up buying any.  Cause they were $10!  Geez!!  I know someone selling them for $3....we'll go there!

Oh....and to keep with the animal theme we've had lately, Layla wore a cure little lamb outfit.

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