Thursday, October 13, 2011

And that's the end of softball season...

This softball season Madison started off really strong, slowly deteriorated and then busted it out of the water at the end.  Her coaches were amazing!  I was really impressed with their coaching and making sure the girls actually learned something. While the girls didn't have a winning season, the last few games they looked like a well oiled machine with few errors and lots of great hits.

Here's a few pictures of Madison's last two games.

Madison got to play 1st base this game.  She did pretty well, but with this base being new to her, there was a bit of a learning curve that she had to overcome.

Layla was really excited to watch the girls play this game!  She was cooing and was intently watching the girls' every move.  All that and drooling all over dad at the same time.

Then the sleepiness took over.  We had a mad baby for a few minutes and then once she was too tired to fight it...out she went!  I was scared to set her down, knowing for sure, once I did she would wake up.  So no more pictures were taken of this game.

This next game is when Madison started to come out of her slump - in a big way!  They moved her to a new base again.  This time she was playing third.  I believe that she fielded about 80% of the balls this games which meant she was responsible for a large majority of the outs as well.  I think the confidence that she gained in this game helped her out in her hitting - which had been less than stellar at this point.

Time out on the field!  A team mate had two untied shoes.  Of course, Madison ran over to help!

In between plays one of Madison's coaches came over to give her a bit of advice on stance.

And then of course we had the ever-famous chant.  "Two down, one to go.  Two down, one to go."  Then a clap......

...then a stomp!

We ended the game with a win.  And of course and hand shake and a good game to each opponent.

A quick post game pep talk and then..... photo!  Bunch of crazy girls!  :)

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