Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update

things that made the weekend great
  • the arrival of Bryson Warthan; congrats Troy and Katie
  • having a victory over the nursery light fixture
  • figuring out where I want to hang some artwork in the nursery
  • super yummy dinner (date night) with the hubby
  • beating the hubby at Scrabble Sunday night; he's such a sore loser  ;)

things that made the weekend not so great
  •  Madison gone for the weekend
  • driving to drop her off and the other party being 45 minutes late
  • running into a wreck on the way home...stand still traffic....yuck!
  • having a fight with the nursery light fixture (a 2 hour process)
  • my feet and hand swelling up Sunday night....VERY scary

1 comment:

  1. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the light fixture in the nursery!! ..i want one for my own room!! heehee
    and i have to say---BBBBOOOOO to you know who. first of all, you should not be driving that far, by yourself, period at this point in your pregnancy, he should come to YOU. and 2nd,no reason to make a pregnant lady wait, EVER.

    ~lol, had to say it~