Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Nesting Has Begun

Yesterday the nesting stage of my pregnancy went into full gear!  I was genuinely surprised at the amount of energy I suddenly had and how everything needed to get done, and it needed to get done now!  Now that I look back at it, the day before I started showing symptoms.  I had a doctor's appointment and afterwards I picked up curtains for the baby's room, a diaper bag and some essentials for it, and the crib skirt and sheet that goes with the bedding.  I originally wasn't going to purchase them, but that particular day got the best of me.

Yesterday started like a normal one for me.  I woke up, got Madison ready for school and on the bus, checked my email, misc. blogs I follow and facebook.  Then I started in with work.  In between all of the work, I decided to throw a load of laundry in.  This simple task has been haunting me for weeks.  I had completely pushed the task to the side and, unfortunately, Madison and I were beginning to suffer from it.  From that one load of laundry, it was all over!  Here's a summary of how the day went:

  • Fix the dishwasher.  For MONTHS now, our dishwasher has been progressively been getting louder and louder.  It's getting to the point that it interferes with the TV and if it interferes with that, then it will probably wake a sleeping baby.  So I went to the handy dandy internet and did some research.  Most of what I read said to take the spinner and drain out of the bottom and look for any objects that may have gotten lodge in there.  If that wasn't the problem, then it was probably one of the motors (who knew a dishwasher had 2 motors)???  So, I took the spinner and drain out and Holy-Lime-Build-Up-Nastiness!!  YUCK!!!!  I honestly had NO idea that you were suppose to check that type of thing and clean it out.  It's a dishwasher....soap and would think it would clean it's self.  Obviously NOT!  After I cleaned all the parts, I looked to see if there was any foreign objects that had lodged their selves in there.  And yep...2 pieces.  One was a small clear plastic bit that had broken off something, still not sure what it was from.  And the other was a Frigidaire plastic decorative piece that had once been fastened to the top rack.  After everything was assembled back together I ran a load of dishes, and not much of a difference.  Well, the first cycle there wasn't much change, the cycles after that were noticeable quieter.  I'm hoping that it was a fluke that the first cycle was still loud.  I'll do another load today and see what the verdict comes out to be.  If it's still loud, guess I'll be calling someone out here to check on it.
  • Strip all the bedding and wash them.  (This is something I do at the beginning of every month.)
  • Go through all the baby shower items from this past weekend.  I had already washed the items that needed to be washed, but I still had items that needed to be put away; baby wash, baby lotion, bottle brush, boppy, etc.
  • Pack the diaper bag.  I went through the items I had purchased the day before and took them out of their packages and into the diaper bag.  Added some diapers, lotion, hand sanitizer, tissues, an outfit, blanket, etc.  Then I thought, I need a backup for the van too.  So, I took out a changing pad/ kit that my cousin had given me and filled it with wipes and diapers to put in the van for an emergency.  Then I though, I need a small first aid kit in there too.  (I'm still working on it.)  See....I'm going through the total nesting-phase.
  • Work.  Yes, I got work done yesterday too.  All-in-all, I actually finished up 2 BIG projects.
  • Clean the washing machine.  Again, I had NO idea you were suppose to wash a washing machine.  My friends and I joke all the time that they need to have a class on these types of things.  One of our friends went 2 years without changing an air filter.  I don't understand why no one tells you these things as a new home owner.  Back to the washing machine.  So I was wiping down the outside and wiping out the spinner where our fabric softner goes when I noticed something black on the spinner.  I started wiping it and then my finger went was a small hole with dirt in it.  So I got a nail to try and scrap out the dirt, which was really soft....then fabric softner started poring out.  What the...???  Then I noticed that you could take the top piece of the spinner off and WHOA!!!  I don't think the owners before us knew you were suppose to clean a washing machine either!!  The inside was caked with build up fabric softner....that had turned black!  Yes, black!!  UBER gross!!!  After I cleaned it out I filled it with hot water and a gallon of white vinegar and let the machine do a cycle.  Apparently white vinegar is the new "green" way to clean items.  (In case you were wondering).  That and you don't have to worry about clothes getting bleached after you wash the machine.
  • Run to the store for more cleaning supplies and items for Casey's Honey-Do List.  We have a local hardware store not too far from our house.  It's really convenient to have, especially since Lowe's is on the other side of town.  There I got some culk for our bath tub (this has needed done for at least 3 years and someone, who shall remain nameless, still hasn't done it), ant poison for the little black ants that have decided to come visit (Casey keeps buying the wrong kind), and a replacement plate for our deadbolt on the front door (needed done for 2 years now).  The deadbolt works fine, but it's something that needed to be fixed.  Then I ran to our new Marketplace Kroger....greatest place get the cleaning supplies I needed, then back home again.
  • More laundry.  I believe by the day's end I had done a total of 6 loads of laundry (and there's still more).  Told you I was slacking on this chore.
  • Hung the new curtain rod and curtains.  This actually was a little bigger pain in the butt than what I thought it was going to be.  But they are hung and look lovely if I might add.
  • Made the baby's bed.  The skirt is on, the sheet is on, the bumper is tied to the crib, Hop (a little stuffed bunny that is too cute fore words) is sitting in the corner waiting for Layla and the quilt is draped neatly over the crib.  All we need now is a baby.
Soon after that Madison came home and I helped her with a MAJOR cleaning of her bedroom.  Soon time caught up with us and it was time to get her ready for her softball game.  We grabbed some sandwiches on the way to the game and watched another unbearable loss.  On a positive note, Madison's been playing 2nd base the past couple games, is 2nd in the batting line up and she was the only one to score last night.

But today, it's back to the nesting grind.  It's not as sever as yesterday, but Madison and Casey now have a growing list of to-do items for this weekend while I run errands.  Might as well let the whole family in on my nesting fun!   Hahahaha!!

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