Monday, April 4, 2011

My weekend rocked!

things that made the weekend great
  • going to the Indy Winter Farmer's Market with some good friends
  • purchasing some spectacular bread from Rene's Bakery (that I can't stay out of)
  • eating the most amazing mozzarella cheese from TradersPoint Creamery... de-lish!
  • Butler winning their game again VCU
  • antique shopping with my mother-in-law
  • a super quiet Sunday morning ALL to myself - no husband, no dog, no child
  • the gorgeous weather we had on Sunday 
  • getting to eat my two favorite things I can only get in Indiana; Bobe's Pizza and Rice's award winning chilli cheese hotdogs

things that made the weekend not so great
  •  missing my husband already
  • charlie horses
  • the realization that I will have a full week without my nightly back rubs from my hubby

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