Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Basketball Season has begun!

This past Saturday was Madison's first AAU basketball game of the year.  There was actually 3 games in one day.  BIG day for us!  I was so busy yelling and cheering on the girls, that I forgot to take pictures.  I got a few...mostly of Layla (in between games and during time outs).  She of course was intently watching the girls and was her usual expressive self.

By the end of the day the girls were 1 - 2.  The first game was a very ugly loss of 6-31.  After the game we found out the entire team was 5th graders (we are 4th and 3rd graders).  The girls were really nervous going into this game and were still trying to figure out the plays they had been practicing as well.  A very bad combo!

The second game we only lost by 6 points.  Madison looked better this game, but you could tell she was still really nervous.  Every time she got the ball, she would look for someone open to pass it to.  No dribbling.  No shooting.  But her hustling during this game was awesome!

By the last game you could really tell that she was much more relaxed.  She took a couple shots...never made any, but at least she tried this game.  She was really aggressive this game too!  In the end the girls won this one.  27 - 18.

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